Fired when the user stops the mouse over an appointment for a specified amount of time.


ApptIDID of the appointment
PointThe location of mouse cursor


The OnApptHover event fires when the user hovers over an appointment, and keeps the cursor still, for a brief moment. The time necessary to hold still is determined by the HoverTime property.

The ApptID parameter provides the unique ID of the appointment involved and can be used directly with any properties requiring an appointment ID. The point is relative to the top left corner of the OLE Schedule control.


Transfer Param1 to ApptID
Transfer Param2 to MousePoint

// Parse the point
X = Field(MousePoint, ",", 1)
Y = Field(MousePoint, ",", 2)

// Showing a popup is appropriate on a hover event
Call ShowApptPopup(ApptID, X, Y)

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