Releases the handle to an SRP Stack.


SRP_Stack("Release", Handles)


Handles@FM delimited list of handles to the SRP Stacks to be released (REQUIRED)


The Release service releases all the memory associated to the given SRP Stack handles. This service should always be called when an SRP Stack is no longer needed. However, if you forget to call this, SRP Utilities will clear the memory when OpenInsight closes. Still, it's a good idea so you don't have memory leaks while OpenInsight runs, especially if the OpenInsight application is expected to stay running for very long periods of time.


// Create an SRP Stack, add some stuff, then release it
Handle = SRP_Stack("Create")
SRP_Stack("Push", Handle, "SRP")
SRP_Stack("Push", Handle, "Computer")
SRP_Stack("Push", Handle, "Solutions")
SRP_Stack("Release", Handle)
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