Returns an @FM delimited list of command line parameters.


ParameterArray = SRP_Path("GetParameters", Path)


PathA path with or without command line parameters.


The command line parameters, if any.


The GetParameters service extracts the command line parameters if there are any to be found. In Windows, command line parameters are space delimited. This service takes into account quotation marks, ensuring that quoted paths are properly ignored and quoted parameters are preserved in whole. Each parameter is trimmed of leading or trailing whitespace, and all parameters are returned in order of appearance in an @FM delimited array.


Path = 'C:\path1\path2\filename.ext a=1 /b=2 -c="stuff with spaces"'
Result = SRP_Path("GetParameters", Path)

Result1 will be an @FM delimited array with three elements: 'a=1', '/b=2', and '-c="stuff with spaces"'.

See Also

GetComponents, GetDirectory, GetExtension, GetFilename, GetPath, RemoveParameters

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