Removes an element from an SRP List at the given index position.


SRP_List("RemoveAt", Handle, Index)


HandleHandle to an existing SRP List (REQUIRED)
IndexThe position within the SRP List from which the element will be removed (REQUIRED)


The RemoveAt service removes the element from an SRP List at the given position. The element is removed entirely, thereby shrinking the size of the list, just like the Delete method in BASIC+.


// Create the list
Handle = SRP_List("Create", "ABC,DEF,EFG", ",")

// Remove element 2
SRP_List("RemoveAt", Handle, 2)

// Convert the SRP List into a normal list
List = SRP_List("GetVariable", Handle, ",")

// List = "ABC,EFG"

// Play nice with memory
SRP_List("Release", Handle)
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