Creates an SRP List.


Handle = SRP_List("Create", InitialList, Delim)


A handle to a new SRP List.


InitialListAn OI list to initialize the new one. (OPTIONAL)
DelimThe InitialList's delimiter (OPTIONAL, @FM by default)


The Create service creates a new SRP List. An SRP List is a single-dimensiond dynamic array that is very fast for any process that is building large arrays.

Developers may initialize the new SRP List with an existing OI delimited array. Simply pass the array to the InitialList parameter and specify its delimiter in the Delim parameter. If you omit the Delim parameter, @FM is assumed. If you omit the InitialList parameter, an empty list is created.


// Create an empty list
ListHandle1 = SRP_List("Create")

// Create a list from an @FM delimited array
InitArray = 1:@FM:2:@FM:3:@FM:4:@FM:5:@FM:6:@FM:7:@FM:8:@FM:9:@FM:10
ListHandle2 = SRP_List("Create", InitArray)

// Create a list from a comma delimited array
InitArray = "A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J"
ListHandle3 = SRP_List("Create", InitArray, ",")
// Release list handles when done
SRP_List("Release", ListHandle1:@FM:ListHandle2:@FM:ListHandle3)
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