Creates a new fast array containing only those elements that match the given string.


SRP_FastArray("Reduce", Handle, StringToMatch, Option)


HandleHandle to an existing SRP Fast Array (REQUIRED)
StringToMatchThe string containing the text you are trying to find.
OptionIf "MatchAnywhere", the match can occur anywhere in an element. If "MatchAll", only exact matches count.


The Reduce service builds a new Fast Array containing only elements that match the given string. The match is not case sensitive, but if the Option parameter is "MatchAll" (which is the default), then a match succeeds only when the string matches the entire element. If the Option parameter is set to "MatchAnywhere", then the first element contain the given string anywhere within itself is a match. For example, "Branded" is considered a match for "AND" because "and" appears within the element. 


// Create a fast array
Handle = SRP_FastArray("Create", "Apple Pie":@FM:"Banana Cream Pie":@FM:"Chocolate Cake")

// Return only elements exactly matching "chocolate cake"
ReducedHandle1 = SRP_FastArray("Reduce", Handle, "chocolate cake", "MatchAll")
// Result: "Chocolate Cake"
// Find all elements containing "pie"
ReducedHandle2 = SRP_FastArray("Reduce", Handle, "pie", "MatchAnywhere")

// Result: "Apple Pie" :@FM: "Banana Cream Pie"

// All done
SRP_FastArray("Release", Handle:@FM:ReducedHandle1:@FM:ReducedHandle2)
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