Creates a new SRP Fast Array.


Handle = SRP_FastArray("Create", InitialArray)


Handle to the newly created SRP Fast Array


InitialArrayDynamic array to initialize the SRP Fast Array (OPTIONAL)


The Create service creates a new SRP Fast Array, which is a very fast 3-dimensional array. It mimics all the functionality of the "Angle Bracket" dynamic array, that is, arrays using @FM, @VM, and @SVM as delimiters. It works at tops speeds such so you can greatly increase performance of routines that build or manipulate very large dynamic arrays.


// Create an empty fast array
Handle1 = SRP_FastArray("Create")

// Create an array initialized to an OI Dynamic Array
InitArray          = ""
InitArray<1, 2>    = "ABC":@SVM:"DEF"
InitArray<2>       = "EFG"
InitArray<3, 1, 7> = "HIJ"
Handle2 = SRP_FastArray("Create", InitArray)
// Release handles when finished
SRP_FastArray("Release", Handle1:@FM:Handle2)
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