Break-On causes Run_Report to put a physical break in the report as the value of a column changes.


Break-On COLUMN [options]


Use Break-On with columns that have been sorted. For example:

COLUMNEach time the value of the column represented by COLUMN changes, the report will indicate (with spacing, special characters, etc.) that a new value is being printed.
OptionsOptions can be specified that cause Break-On to take specific action when a column changes value. The default action for Break-On is to print a blank line, then three asterisks (***) in the column for the Break-On column, then another blank line. The report then continues.

Multiple Break-On columns are permissible. If more than one Break-On is indicated, the report will break when the value of any one Break-On column changes.

Break-On is frequently used in conjunction with the Total keyword. If Total is specified, subtotals will be printed at each breakpoint in the report (refer to Total for details).

The specific action that Break-On will take when a column value changes is dependent on the options specified by the user. Options can be included with Break-On by specifying them after the column.

Text options are enclosed within double quotes. Control options ('B' or 'UU') are single-quoted within double quotes. For example:

… Break-On EMPLOYEE_NO "Year to date:'UU'" …

The following options are available.

textUse text to substitute for the three asterisks normally printed. The text will be truncated to fit into the column width of the Break-On column.
'B'Break. Denotes the column whose breaking value is to be inserted into the heading. Must be used in conjunction with the 'B' option in Heading.
'D'Data. Suppresses redundant totals by suppressing the break data line entirely if the preceding data column contains only one line of data. Useful in condensing a report.
'L'Line. Suppresses the blank line that usually precedes the break data line. Use this when you want to condense a report. This option does not override the 'U' option.

Note: The Break-On 'L' option suppresses a line, while the Heading 'L' option causes a blank line to be inserted.

'P'Page. Prints a new page each time the column breaks.
'U'Underline. Prints a line over all subtotals.
'UU'Underline/Overline. Prints a line over and under the subtotals.
'V'Value. Prints the value of the breaking column at the break line in place of the three asterisks.


* List Customer by State breaking on State and
* placing the value of the State in the Break text
stmt:= ' " ' : " 'V' ": ' " INVOICE_TOTAL BY STATE'
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