• Added SRP_Repos_Resolve_Entity so that support tools, like GetEntity, can find entities that only exist in the mobile repository.


  • Fixed bug introduced in v1.1.3. If no event pointers were found in the mobile repository then SRP_RTP27_Procedures would never get called.
  • Fixed by forcing the Repository function to be included in the RTP27 procedure list.
  • Replace all uses of the POINT command with a regular assignment operator since POINT has been deprecated in OpenInsight 9.2.1.


  • Added support to validate SRP_DISPLAY_MESSAGE.


  • Added licensing support.
  • Replace hardcoded 'Check_Serial' gosub with 'Do_License_Check' gosub


  • Fix bug in Refresh_For_Changed_Entities when checking for errors.


  • More code refactoring.
  • Replace the Loop/Remove method with the Loop/[]/Col2 method for better performance. When selecting MD pointers to send to SRP_RTP27_Procedures only select OIEVENTEXE pointers since the program stack is getting cleared using Flush and GarbageCollect. This prevents a long delay when several stored procedures are in the mobile repository and all of them are getting reloaded using RTP27


  • Automatically detach current mobile repository in the AttachMobileRepository method to make sure no open tables are left.
  • Fix display of mobile repository items in the SRP Tree control when switching between mobile repositories.


  • Modify SRP_RTP27_Procedures so OIEVENTEXE object code will be loaded.
  • Update AddEntity and RemoveEntity methods to create new MD 'P' type pointers for OIEVENTEXE entites


  • New major feature: Restore Entities.
  • Refactored a lot of code, cleaned up variable name inconsistencies, fixed miscellaneous minor bugs.


  • Add Refresh button to GUI.
  • Fix VNAV errors in AddMDPointer and RemoveMDPointer methods.
  • Added GetVersion propery.


  • Add support for OIREPORT entities (Super easy! Just added OIREPORT to the list of entity types to filter and added MOBREPOSREPORTS to the list of tables that get created.)


  • Add support for EVENT source entities (support was there but the entity type was left out of the list of supported entities.)
  • Added About button and message display


  • Initial Release
  • Complete support for GUI. Revamp error trapping and message display
  • Add AppID argument for AddMDPointer method. When creating a 'P' pointer make sure the AppID is appended to the STPROCEXE KeyID for non-SYSPROG entities
  • Add tooltips to the Button controls
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