As already documented above, this is the Controller (aka Listener) that the OECGI immediately calls when it receives an HTTP request. It is a replacement to RUN_OECGI_REQUEST but it is designed primarily to manage REST APIs. HTTP_MCP is a relatively small routine which fits into the SRP philosophy that controllers should be as thin as possible. The basic workflow of HTTP_MCP is as follows: 

  • Call HTTP_Services so the HTTP request information is parsed and saved in memory for easy retrieval by API logic.

  • Call HTTP_Services to log the HTTP request.

  • Call HTTP_Authentication_Services to validate access to the API server.

  • Call the API handler for the endpoint (if authorized to do so).

  • Call HTTP_Services to get the HTTP response in a proper format that OECGI will accept.
  • Call HTTP_Services to log the HTTP response.
  • Call HTTP_Services and HTTP_Authentication_Services to perform various clean-up and clearing processes to prevent future HTTP requests handled by the same OpenEngine from using stale or unauthorized data.

  • Return the HTTP response to the OECGI.
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