February 17, 2022

  • Added Shift+F2 shortcut to jump to previous marker
  • Updated Add to RDK dialog to work correctly with OI 10 RDK format
  • Fixed bug where opening a record from a CODE table that wasn’t code would hang


January 21, 2022

  • Fixed splitter bar settings for OI 10


January 19, 2022

  • Updated Help menu command to open OI Help in OI 10
  • Fixed bug in OI 10 where Ctrl+F and Ctrl+H wouldn’t work in some circumstances


December 22, 2021

  • Fixed bug where List command would not format some columns
  • Fixed bug where Find window would clear out Label List combo box during search


October 18, 2021

  • Fixed bug where Find would not highlight a word if it was the last word in the document
  • Fixed bug where Undoing a record expansion would not update the margin to match the change


August 16, 2021

  • Added support for #pre and #endpre directives
  • Fixed crash that would sometimes occur when closing the Find dialog


April 30, 2021

  • Added directives to autocomplete dropdown, e.g., #ifdef, #region, etc.

  • Fixed bug where auto-justify would break while Find/Replace was active.


April 26, 2021

  • Updated Find/Replace windows to no longer support autocompletion while typing. This will help with case sensitive searches.


April 21, 2021

  • Added check for existing stored procedures during compile
  • Added Copy Special... menu item
  • Updated Copy logic to only copy text in color. For line numbers, use the new Copy Special... menu item
  • Updated Find and Replace dialogs to appear in top right corner of editor
  • Updated Find dialog to stay open
  • Updated Find and Replace to highlight all instances of search text while dialog is open
  • Updated Find and Replace to show X of Y when moving to Next and Previous search
  • Updated Replace dialog to support F4
  • Updated license handling
  • Updated VNAV handling to exclude variables after DIM/DIMENSION statement
  • Fixed bug where adding new lines after a THEN keyword would insert an END keyword below even if there is already an END or END ELSE
  • Fixed bug where new Events or Services (Extended BASIC+) wouldn't get code folded
  • Fixed bug where Unit Testing panel would not resize when hiding/showing Command Line
  • Fixed bug where Select Tables link would not be at the bottom of the table list in the SRP Table Search utility
  • Fixed bug where Ctrl+U would not work if a partial word was selected
  • Fixed bug where Ctrl+J would not handle empty elements safely


  • Fixed references to SRPControls.ocx that should have referenced SRPEditor.ocx
  • Fixed options dialog to update unit test panel when theme changes
  • Fixed bug where changing theme would sometimes leave behind artifacts from other themes
  • Fixed bug where auto indent would sometimes insert an extra tab


  • Improved code folding when folds are adjacent or blank lines are being added before and after root-level folds


  • Fixed critical bug where saving records with @RMs could corrupt record data by reposition @RMs in wrong location
  • Fixed bug where region name wouldn't update correctly in Label List or sometimes disappear
  • Fixed bug where deleting DEBUG would not delete the margin marker
  • Fixed bug where VIEWER window would cause tabs to get out of sync or incorrectly labelled


  • Added code folding
  • Added splash screen


  • Fixed bug where new or blank record would have an empty margin and produce an error when pressing enter.


  • Updated IConv/OConv context menus to better recognize legitimate conversions

  • Improved record loading/editing speeds, especially for large records

  • Fixed bug where Favorited records would sometimes reopen in Forced Readonly mode

  • Fixed bug where Open Record dialog would not highlight correct field when opened
  • Fixed bug where License screens would sometimes appear when they shouldn't


  • Updated editor to automatically insert SRP PreCompiler if unpacking syntax is detected (and auto-insert is enabled)


  • Added option to disable auto-insertion of SRP PreCompiler


  • Added OI 10 support
  • Added Joker and Visual Studio Dark themes
  • Added Auto Justify Assignments feature (see Options)
  • Updated to better interact with APPROW entities when SRP Git is enabled
  • Updated Open Procedure dialog to ignore AREV32's "SOURCE:" pointers
  • Updated some UI settings (window size and positions) to be saved per app, instead of globally to all apps
  • Updated Open Record dialog to default to active record's table and key instead of the last table and key
  • Updated Open Record dialog's Refresh button to be a little smarter about what to refresh
  • Fixed bug where dialog boxes would show on wrong monitor
  • Fixed bug where licensing boxes could crash OI
  • Fixed bug where Table Search progress bar was not accurate
  • Fixed bug where Table Search would search when pressing ENTER even though the Results window had focus


  • Updated SRP Editor to recognize SRP Git when writing files to ensure they get pushed to the Git Repo
  • Updated Git menu
  • Updated SRP Table Search
  • Updated Code Format tool to recognize Enhanced BASIC+
  • Updated "Tabs as Spaces" options to be enabled by default
  • Fixed bug where Bookmarks from one document would load in another
  • Fixed bug where items wouldn't save correctly during shutdown
  • Fixed bug where new item couldn't be dragged in Favorites pane after being Saved
  • Fixed bug where EDIT command would not open empty records
  • Fixed bug where doing a Save and Compile (F9) of a new stored procedures wouldn't compile


  • Added special icon for records forced into readonly mode.
  • Added single-key accelerators to the New item window.
  • Updated Record Open window to be much, much faster.
  • Updated favorites to remember when records were forced to open readonly.
  • Updated Event modules to auto-append .MENU() when selecting a MENU event from the dropdown
  • Updated several autocomplete dropdowns to appear immediately after pressing space instead of waiting for a leading character, e.g., after gosub, goto, and $insert
  • Fixed occasional bug where selecting a control in an Event would append empty parameters instead of letting the user select an event


  • Added keyword highlighting for API and GoToAPI (requires SRPUtil.ocx 4.0.8 or later)
  • Added support within SRP_PreCompiler for API and GoToAPI keywords
  • Updated SRP Editor to automatically save and restore bookmarks between sessions within stored procedures (requires SRPUtil.ocx 4.0.8 or later)
  • Updated SRP Editor to save and restore location and selection information between sessions within stored procedures and inserts (requires SRPUtil.ocx 4.0.8 or later)
  • Extended syntax highlighting of brace matching to also include { }, < >, [ ] (requires SRPUtil.ocx 4.0.8 or later)
  • Fixed "Refresh" typo in Unit Test panel context menu
  • Fixed bug preventing user from showing/hiding the Unit Test panel unless the Favorites panel was visible


  • Added Unit Testing
  • Added New Item window that is now bound to Ctrl+N (File, New)
  • Added code templates
  • Updated Run window to recognize metadata
  • Updated SRP PreCompiler to place common variables at @pragma line instead of at the beginning of the first Extended BASIC+ line. #pragma should be as close to the top of the code as possible as a result
  • Updated TCL to no longer auto complete, though the dropdown will still appear with a filtered history of previously used commands
  • Updated Table Search utility to sort tables
  • Fixed bug where SRP Editor would crash on OI 9.1 and earlier when closing document from Favorites
  • Fixed bug where "end" keyword would be auto-inserted if a one-line if statement ended with a debug
  • Fixed bug where visual artifact would appear when resizing Open Record dialog
  • Fixed bug where wrong parameter types would appear for DLL stubs


  • Added support for Setting keyword in For Each loop to allow developers to include a counter
  • Added ability to close documents directly from the tab strip
  • Added ability to close documents directly from the Favorites panel
  • Added smart insert feature to automatically insert block closers (e.g., End after If or Repeat after Loop)
  • Added ability to customize keyword case in autocomplete and smart indents (See Customize Tab)
  • Added right-click context menus to Favorites pane for more intuitive interaction
  • Updated SRP_PreCompiler to use older op-codes when compiled in OI 9.1.x or earlier
  • Updated SRP_PreCompiler to support both "or" or "else" keyword in Enhanced BASIC+ Return statement, e.g., "Return Ans else 1"
  • Updated SRP_PreCompiler to ignore writing meta data when called from BLINT
  • Updated width of Label combo box
  • Updated auto complete to complete on Tab as well as Enter
  • Updated Favorites panel with context menu for more intuitive control over favorites
  • Updated SRP Editor to close a faster and more reliably when there are unsaved documents
  • Updated Event statement dropdown to include all MENU items
  • Fixed bug in SRP_PreCompiler where Enhanced BASIC+ keywords within comment blocks were not being ignored
  • Fixed bug in SRP_PreCompiler where GoToEvent would sometimes not find the correct event handler
  • Fixed bug in SRP_PreCompiler where While/Until clauses sometimes wouldn't compile
  • Fixed bug in SRP_PreCompiler where For Each would miss last element if it was a single letter
  • Fixed bug in SRP_PreCompiler where Service with no parameters would offset the debugger by one line
  • Fixed bug in SRP_PreCompiler where wrong service metadata would be created if procedure had inherited version


  • Added SRP_PreCompiler to support Enhanced BASIC+
  • Added syntax highlighting support for Enhanced BASIC+ (requires SRPUtil.ocx 4.0.3 or later)
  • Added automatic insertion of SRP_PreCompiler during compile when Enhanced BASIC+ is detected (requires SRPUtil.ocx 4.0.3 or later)
  • Added ability to right click to Insert SRP_PreCompiler (requires SRPUtil.ocx 4.0.3 or later)
  • Added syntax highlighting for directives (e.g., #pragma). Updated built-in themes to support it also.
  • Updated MENU.HELP to check for ProgRef.chm before trying to run it
  • Updated Open Record dialog's autofill to improve speed and reduce dropped characters (requires SRPUtil.ocx 4.0.3 or later)
  • Updated Label dropdown to match typed input anywhere, so typing CREATE will find CREATE, WINDOW.CREATE, MY_CREATE, etc.
  • Updated Goto Source function (F12) to be more forgiving about finding the correct label
  • Fixed Options dialog Theme button using SRPControls.ocx instead of SRPUtil.ocx
  • Fixed bug where printing records started on field <2> instead of field <1>
  • Fixed bug where highlighting whole label at end of line didn't jump to that label when performing Goto Source function (F12)
  • Fixed bug where VNAV detection was sometimes inaacurate (requires SRPUtil.ocx 4.0.3 or later)
  • Fixed bug where VNAV detection would be applied to cached code when compiling inherited stored procedures
  • Fixed bug where some document types would not be marked as modified (needing to be saved) when doing a find & replace


  • Added syntax highlighting themes
  • Added support for themes, so it will be easier to switch between themes on the fly
  • Added ability to export/import all options to/from a file
  • Added logic to reset Status window on startup if it's too large to fit
  • Updated Styles to be cascading, so everything falls back to Default style when not set
  • Updated all icons to more modern ones
  • Updated Compile function (F9) to automatically call DECLARE_FCNS for "SYSPROC*DLL_" records
  • Updated Auto text settings to now save to %APPDATA%\Roaming as text files instead of using the registry to allow for more characters
  • Updated F12 to jump to label if cursor is on a label identifier
  • Updated "This Application Only" check box in Open dialog to put focus back into the main edit field after being clicked
  • Fixed bug where labels followed by "*" or "//" were not recognized
  • Fixed bug where some compiler errors were not displaying correctly in the status pane


  • Fixed false-positive error message appearing when running SRP Editor from 9.x IDE
  • Fixed bug where tree items showing tooltips needed to be clicked twice
  • Fixed bug where clicking on Records or DOS files in the Favorites panel didn't work


  • Added ability to copy code ready to paste for new SRP Forums
  • Updated service-oriented metadata to support routines that can access other service modules
  • Updated F1 to search new SRP Wiki website
  • Improved performance during startup
  • Removed special case code for a deprecated application
  • Fixed XML mode failing to perform syntax highlighting
  • Fixed bug not allowing SRP Editor to run in OI 10
  • Fixed bug where keywords other than Compile at beginning of first line would force SAVE_AS intead of SAVE
  • Fixed bug where wrong statistics would appear in the status bar when start SRP Editor with opened documents
  • Fixed bug where VNAVs would not appear when they should


  • Added Justify Array tool for making arrays look nice and neat. (Highlight multiple lines of an array assignment and press Ctrl+J)
  • Added "Open as Read Only" to Open Record dialog, allowing users to open records without locking them in the database
  • Added "Find" menu item in the context menu to make finding the current selection or word quick and convenient. (Right click and you can quickly find the next occurrence of the current word or selection).
  • Added option to assign F1 to SRP Help and Shift+F1 to OI Help. (This is on the first page of the Options dialog near the bottom right corner).
  • Updated Save logic to display Save As dialog if the stored procedure's name has changed
  • Fixed bug where inaccurate compilation errors were being reported
  • Fixed bug where saving a new entity for the first time failed to pre-populate the entity name in the Save As dialog
  • Fixed bug where leading white space was bring trimmed from block comments during the Format command
  • Fixed bug where Print dialog's Paper Size field was not always correct
  • Fixed bug where using the up arrow to scroll up would cause the cursor to skip a line
  • Fixed bug where Ctrl+D would duplicate lines on read only files instead of doing nothing like it should
  • Fixed bug where Shift Left button did nothing
  • Fixed bug where Shift Right button always used tab characters even if the "Tab as Spaces" option was set


  • Added F12 as Accelerator for the Goto Source functionality (for Visual Studio habits)
  • Updated SRP Editor to use new SRPUtil.ocx: a copy of SRPControls.ocx with different ProgIDs so that it doesn't conflict with commercial SRP ActiveX Controls
  • Updated SRP Editor to synchronize tab order with order of documents in Favorites pane
  • Updated SRP Editor to re-open previously opened documents in their original tab order when started
  • Updated user interface to be more responsive, especially on shutdown
  • Updated RDK and About dialogs to be closed with the ESC key
  • Updated Record Open dialog to allow user to stop a refresh at any time
  • Updated Record Open dialog to select default Table/Record in listboxes when it opens
  • Fixed bug where error status would be shown when successfully running a stored procedure (Ctrl+F9) rather than an OK status
  • Fixed bug where pressing Ctrl+T on the first line would cause a crash
  • Fixed bug where clicking on Favorites that was already active would not return focus back to editor
  • Fixed bug where Autocomplete would not display functions from some inherited applications
  • Fixed bug where Call Tips would not display information for functions from some inherited applications
  • Fixed bug where Goto Source functionality would not work in certain circumstances
  • Fixed bug where a new record, when saved, would not appear correctly in the Most Recently Used list, making it impossible to open it from there
  • Fixed bug where clicking a drop down item of the Command Line was moving focus out of the Command Line
  • Fixed bug where Replace All would not replace all instances if replacement was larger than original string (Requires SRPEditor.ocx 3.0.6 or SRPControls.ocx 3.1)
  • Fixed bug where document would not appear as needing to be saved after Replace All
  • Fixed bug where users would get a license warning in the Options dialog if they didn't have a license for the SRP Editor control but had a license for the SRP Editor itself


  • Added support for displaying autocomplete dropdowns for service-oriented stored procedures using user-defined metadata
  • Added Favorites panel (Toggle with F8)
  • Added ability to hide tabs permanently
  • Added ability to change status pane size using splitter
  • Added ability to close windows using Ctrl+W
  • Updated Shift+F1 feature to go to SRP's Wiki instead of CHM help files (which will no longer ship with SRP Products)
  • Fixed bug where return value would not appear in status window when running a routine using Ctrl+F9
  • Fixed crash that would sometimes occur when pasting text into a function (Requires SRPEditor.ocx 3.0.3 or SRPControls.ocx 3.0.7)
  • Fixed bug where spaces woudl be converted into tabs when in record mode (Requires SRPEditor.ocx 3.0.3 or SRPControls.ocx 3.0.7)
  • Fixed cursor positioning bug (Requires SRPEditor.ocx 3.0.3 or SRPControls.ocx 3.0.7)
  • Fixed bug where selected text would sometimes appear unselected in records (Requires SRPEditor.ocx 3.0.3 or SRPControls.ocx 3.0.7)
  • Fixed bug where remainder of current line would be selected when an editor was first activated (Requires SRPEditor.ocx 3.0.3 or SRPControls.ocx 3.0.7)
  • Fixed bug where LengthChanged event was always firing rather than only ifirng when the lenfth of the document actually changes (Requires SRPEditor.ocx 3.0.3 or SRPControls.ocx 3.0.7)
  • Fixed bug where calltip would appear after typing an open parenthesis inside a string (Requires SRPEditor.ocx 3.0.3 or SRPControls.ocx 3.0.7)


  • Fixed bug where not having SRP ReportTable or SRP Subclass controls licensed caused license warnings despite having SRP Editor licensed


  • Fixed bug where recently opened documents would not reopen upon startup


  • Updated Status window to only use black text but to incorporate icons
  • Fixed bug where SRP Editor would beep every time documents opened during startup


  • Added "OPENDOCUMENTINFO" service to SRP_Editor_Utility


  • Fixed error in which the "Compile and Execute" command was compiling but not executing


  • Added ability to disable sound effects (except for compiling code with errors)


  • Added SRP_ActiveX_Info.exe supportAdded
  • SRP_Controls.ocx help support
  • Fixed bug where new stored procedures could not be saved if inherited stored procedure already exists


  • Removed debug statement


  • Fixed error in which entities accessed via Repository had their line breaks restored back to @FMs, which the SRP Editor expects when parsing and displaying


  • Updated logic to use Repository to open entities whenever possible instead of reading records directly; allows for better interaction with other tools such as SRP Mobile Repository


  • Added SRP_Taskbar and SRP_TcpClient to the help file references


  • Fixed bug where SRP Editor would crash during VNAV preprocessing in OI 9.1.1


  • Added TCL tab to the options dialog to allow users to supply routines whose parameter counts are not stored in object code
  • Updated command line to support built-in OI routines when too few parameters are passed


  • Fixed bug where commented out lines containing semicolons where not getting removed, so keywords such as THEN were erroneously altering the indentation


  • Fixed bug where some commented out lines were causing errors in formatting when using the Format command


  • Fixed bug where cancelling the Windows.Close_All command would result in a VNAV


  • Fixed bug where keywords such as End, when appearing after GoTo, would not be colorized correctly and could cause smart indenting to operate incorrectly


  • Fixed bug where delims.dat and version.dat files (remnants of testing) were written to the C:\ drive on startup


  • Added new SRP Utilities help file references, so pressing Shift+F1 while the cursor is on an SRP Utility file will take the user straight to the SRP Utilities help file topic.


  • Added ability to close Print dialog by pressing ESC


  • Fixed bug where the Window.Close_All menu was not closing the child windows


  • Fixed bug where Compile & Execute command would not enable


  • Fixed bug where print dialog would draw line numbers next to comment blocks in the comment block color
  • Fixed bug where modified status of document doesn't reset when using Ctrl+F9
  • Replaced command line combo box with subclassed edit line for better performance and reliability in Vista
  • Updated Label combo box to show correct column labels for dictionaries
  • Fixed bug where compilation wouldn't work on some delevoper class engines


  • Fixed bug where Options dialog would break to debugger for first time SRP Editor user


  • Added two new panes to status bar to display current application and username
  • Added ability to display a custom formatted pane defined in SYSENV*SRP_EDITOR_CUSTOM_STATUS_PANE, allowing users to display something useful about the SRP Editor's environment


  • Fixed bug where attempting to save to a non-existant table would not notify user that save failed
  • Added logic to work around OI bug where large files somehow corrupt the results of Get_Property
  • Updated Convert and Save As... function to default stored procedures saved as DOS files to <STORE_PROCUDURE_NAME>.TXT


  • Added logic to use QuickDexes when available when populating open/save record dialog


  • Improved Open Entity dialog performance by removing orphaned entities check and yield statements
  • Improved Open Record dialog performance by caching key lists and optimizing dynamic arrays


  • Updated Open Entity dialog to include records from CODE tables and to display them in a more informative way
  • Updated Dos type documents such that only the file name appears in the tab to keep it shorter
  • Added logic to update entity caches whenever and entity is created or deleted to avoid having to refresh entities
  • Added advanced support for U2 tables, included customizations to optimize table selects on U2 tables


  • Fixed bug where Copy to HTML Code function would allow allow comment color to bleed onto following line


  • Fixed bug where Format function would unindent LOOP blocks with While/Until on the same line as Loop


  • Added EXPLORE command for opening Windows Explorer to REVBOOT or other specified directory
  • Updated Format function to unindent dividing comments (such as '*--------') just below GoSub labels
  • Fixed bug where Format function would unindent For loops with While/Until on the same line
  • Fixed bug where Copy as HTML Code function would fail to preserve correct font throughout entire content


  • Fixed bug in which old Styles registry overrode new Styles2 registry; it is now be the other way around.


  • Updated option dialog to maintain both Styles and Styles2 registry entries, for backward compatibility
  • Added new TCL command, HISTORY, to display SRP Editor version history on demand


  • Updated styles, when stored to registry, to use character delimiters instead of system delimiters to avoid problems other localizations


  • Fixed bug where Format function failed to recognize comment blocks on a single line, therefore treating the rest of the document as a comment
  • Updated UNIVERSE Compiler to recognize '~' delimiters in personal editions of UNIVERSE


  • Ignoring VNAVs in function calls is now optional
  • Ignoring VNAVs referenced in Inserts is now optional
  • Updated Option Dialog's other pages to better utilize new size


  • Updated VNAV checking to eliminate possible VNAVs found in function calls and inserts
  • Updated VNAV checking to ensure markers do not point to VNAVs which may also exist as literals in strings or comments
  • Added ability to disable VNAV checking in options


  • Added support for VNAV checking
  • Updated editor to jump to already opened records or DOS files instead of opening copies
  • Fixed bug in Viewer related to issues using Drive() with root drive letters


  • Increased U2 Bond buffer size to 1MB, to support larger records


  • Updated OCX version checking to be more accurate than standard string comparison
  • Fixed bug where selecting large numbers would break to the debugger
  • Fixed bug where taskbar icon would appear when using call tips
  • Fixed bug where multiple lines of comments ending with '|' caused hang up when inserting new lines


  • Fixed bug where selecting large numbers broke to debugger


  • Added support to colorize identifiers ending with '@' and '%'


  • Added support to colorize identifiers ending with '$'


  • Added ability to copy code as HTML
  • Added ability to delete tabs as spaces using Shift+Backspace
  • Added ability to delete tabs as spaces using Shift+Delete
  • Fixed autocomplete bug where wrong drop down would appear for $insert if first letter was anything other than 'a'
  • Fixed autocomplete bug where wrong drop down would appear for GoSub and GoTo statements if first letter didn't match a valid label
  • Fixed bug where Edge Indicator field in Option dialog fail to initialize


  • Updated Format function to use Tab as Spaces and Tab Width option settings
  • Updated Print button and menu to disable when the Viewer tab is at the front, preventing users from printing the viewer until such functionality can be added
  • Updated Option dialog to disable keywords in Autocomplete list (requires SRPEditor.ocx 2.1.4 or greater)
  • Updated AutoCommenting to always place comments at beginning of lines for single line auto comments
  • Updated TCL processor to display linebreaks correctly in Viewer and Status windows
  • Fixed bug where some Quick Commands caused the Viewer to appear, which caused the replaceable parameters to fail
  • Fixed bug where Format function would fail if '/*' appeared within a single-line comment
  • Fixed bug where Format button would not enable when viewing U2 code from a record or viewing new, unsaved Stored Procedures
  • Fixed bug where Format function would fail if 'loop' appeared after the 'next' statement
  • Fixed bug where AutoComment logic would cause the code to creap one space to the left at a time each time a block was commented
  • Fixed bug where SRP Editor preventing compilation in Development Runtime Engines


  • Fixed bug where Ctrl+L failed to Goto Label when editing a Record in Code mode
  • Fixed bug where Goto Label dialog would list record fields instead of code labels when editing a Record in Code mode
  • Added support for up to 5 customized toolbar buttons, called Quick Commands


  • Updated Help system to better navigate to appropriate help files
  • Update F1 help to maximize OI help file


  • Added TCL option which causes the HTML viewer to always appear on top when executing commands
  • Updated About Box with new SRP graphic
  • Updated RDK command to produce 8.0 compatable RDKS when using the V option
  • Fixed bug where autocomplete would flicker for non-matched prefixes
  • Fixed bug where autocomplete for GoTo/GoSub labels would be out of order, causing incorrect completions
  • Fixed bug where some unicode characters were still causing syntax colors to offset


  • Added autocompletion when writing code
  • Added ability to specify table types
  • Added ability to view HTML and XML documents with syntax highlighting
  • Added ability to enable tabs to made up of spaces only
  • Added Show Line Numbers option
  • Added option to disable autocompletion
  • Fixed bug where unicode characters would offset code highlighting
  • Added full-color printing support
  • Update OLE Control version check to show tooltip warning instead of locking users out
  • Added Ctrl+Shift+F accelerator for running SRP Table Search Utility


  • Added support for SRP OLE Controls version 2.0


  • Added Version History record
  • Updated runtime check logic
  • Updated About Box
  • Fixed bug where selecting numbers larger than 16 digits would break to the debugger


  • Added support for %DATE% and %TIME% fields in AutoText functionality


  • Updated support for new SRP Licensing model


  • Initial Release
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