Method for copying entities.


retval = Repository("COPY"entID, destination, source)


The COPY method has the following parameters

destinationThe name of the entity to be created from the copy. The name should be the fully qualified repository id.
sourceThe entity that will be copied. The name should be the fully qualified repository id.


Use Get_Status() to test for error return.

Note: Always call the Get_Status function after calling Repository().


The fully qualified Repository Id consists of four elements, which are '*' (asterisk) delimited:

  • Application name
  • Type ID
  • Class ID
  • Entity name

Methods are executed as follows: if class specific, execute at the class level; if type specific, execute at the type level; otherwise, execute the method.

See also

Repository() functionGet_Repos_Entities().


/* Copy the source code of the CENTERWINDOW stored procedure to CENTERWINDOW_BACKUP */
Declare Function Get_Repos_Entities, Repository, Get_Status
AppID = @APPID<1>  ;* current application
TypeID = "STPROC"  ;* OpenInsight stored procedures
ClassID = ""  ;* Not Applicable
Stored_Proc_Name = 'CENTERWINDOW'
entid = AppID : '*' : TypeID : '*' : ClassID : '*' : Stored_Proc_Name
backupid = AppID : '*' : TypeID : '*' : ClassID : '*' : Backup_Proc_Name
result = Repository("COPY", backupid, entid)
*  test result
If Get_Status(ErrCode) then
   call msg(@window, 'Error Message returned: ' : ErrCode)
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  1. The general syntax for this repository message has a typo. There should not be an EntID argument that comes after the COPY message. The syntax used in the Example code is correct.