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This function has been deprecated as of OI 9.4. Use RTI_SendMail instead


Socket function used to send SMTP mail from an OpenInsight workstation.  Allows for the use of Multi-part MIME when sending email.


Code Block
Declare Function SMTPMAIL, Msg

html_document = "\html\my_html_file.htm"

mailservername = ""

Sendername = ""

Recipient  = ""

Subject = "An Example of the OpenInsight SMTPMAIL Function"

Body = ."A line of text."

Username = ""

Password = ""

retval = smtpmail(html_document, mailservername, sendername, recipient, subject, body, username, password)

Convert @vm To '-' In retval

Convert @fm To '|' In retval

x = Msg(@Window, 'Retval was |':retval)