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expressionDesignates the native table that is to be opened. To open the dictionary, use DICT as the first part of the table name (example: "DICT.CUSTOMERS"); and to open the data portion of the table, use only the table name (example: "CUSTOMERS"). Use separate Open statements to open the DICT and data portions of each table.
table_varAfter a successful Open operation, table_var contains information about the table. From that point on, refer to the table with table_var, not with the actual table name.
ThenThe statement(s) following Then are executed if a table is opened successfully.
ElseThe statement(s) following Else are executed if the table cannot be opened. The Status() function indicates the severity of the error, and the system variable @FILE_ERROR contains detail about the nature of the error.

You must Open a table before attempting to Read or Write rows from/to that table. As long as a table has been opened once, it does not need to be opened again each time you want to Read or Write to it.