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The SET service also differs from Set_Property in its return value. Set_Property returns the property's previous value. The SRP_Com SET service returns a success/failure. If a zero is returned, use the ERROR service to determine why the property could not be set.



Code Block
// Instantiate the MSXML DOM Document object
 If SRP_Com(objXmlDoc, "CREATE", "Msxml2.DOMDocument") then   
     // Setup the DOM Document
     SRP_Com(objXmlDoc, "SET", "Async", 0)
     SRP_Com(objXmlDoc, "SET", "ValidateOnParse", 0)
     SRP_Com(objXmlDoc, "SET", "ResolveExternals", 0)
     // Load the xml
     rv = SRP_Com(objXmlDoc, "CALL", "loadXML", Xml)
     // Release the object when we're done with it
     SRP_Com(objXmlDoc, "RELEASE")
 end else
     Error = SRP_Com("", "ERROR")