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SRP Fast Arrays are an alternative replacement to BASIC+ dynamic arrays and can greatly enhance performance for large processes. SRP_FastArray provides the following services:

ClearRemoves all values from an SRP Fast Array.2.1.10
CountCounts the number of fields, values, or subvalues in an SRP Fast Array.
CreateCreates a new SRP Fast Array.
DeletePerforms a DELETE on an SRP Fast Array.
ExtractPerforms an EXTRACT on an SRP Fast Array.
GetVariableConverts an SRP Fast Array back into a BASIC+ dynamic array.
InsertPerforms an INSERT on an SRP Fast Array.
InsertFromListInserts an SRP List into an SRP Fast Array.
MatchFinds the first element to match a given string.
ReduceCreates a new fast array containing only those elements that match the given string.
ReleaseReleases the handle to an SRP Fast Array.
ReplacePerforms a REPLACE on an SRP Fast Array.
ReplaceWithListReplaces an element in an SRP Fast Array with an SRP List.