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The meaning of the return value depends on the service.


ObjectThe target COM object. Required.
ServiceThe action to take against the COM object. Required.
NameIdentifies the service's target, such as a property name. Optional. Some services require this parameter, others do not. See service topics for details.
Param1 - Param16Optional parameters for COM methods and properties.


The SRP_Com method was developed to meet a need for accessing COM components from within versions of OI that do not yet have that functionality built in.


Much like the Utility function in OpenInsight, the SRP_Com function provides multiple services which are identified in the Service parameter. The services are:

ADDPARAMAdds a parameter to an advanced method call for a COM object.
BEGINCALLBegins an advanced method call for a COM object.
ENDCALLExecutes an advanced method call for a COM object.
CREATEInstantiates a COM object.
RELEASEReleases a previously instantiated COM object from memory.
GETGets a COM object's property value.
SETSets a COM object's property value.
CALLExecutes a COM object's method.
ERRORReturns the latest COM error.
HANDLESGets all open COM object handles.

Click on the service names above to read more details. Continue below for an explanation of the other parameters.