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See Appendix C: Advanced Topics.

ARCHIVEThe ARCHIVE message returns information regarding reports that have been archived using the OIPI Archive export type
CALCBMPThe CALCBMP message is used to calculate the width and height of a bitmap before printing. Use the Get_Printer CALCBMP message to retrieve the width and height of the bitmap after setting the bitmap with the CALCBMP message.
CALCMAXLENThe CALMAXLEN message returns the maximum number of characters that fit within the specified size from the last call to the CALCMAXLEN Set_Printer() message.
CALCTABLEThe CALCTABLE message returns the width and height for the table that was set with the last call to the CALCTABLE Set_Printer() message.
CALCTEXTThe CALCTEXT message returns the width and height for the text that was set with the last call to the CALCTEXT Set_Printer() message.
CANCELThe CANCEL message returns the status of the print session.
CONTROLThe CONTROL message returns the control information set during the CONTROL Set_Printer() message.
COPIESThe COPIES message returns the number of copies to be printed.
CURRENTDEVICEThe CURRENTDEVICE message returns the current printer device information.
CURRENTDRIVERThe CURRENTDRIVER message returns the current printer driver information.
CURRENTPORTThe CURRENTPORT message returns the current printer port information.
DEVICESThe DEVICES message returns all of the printer devices.
DPIThe DPI message returns the Dots-Per-Inch for the current printer.
DUPLEXThe DUPLEX message returns the current duplex setting for the printer. See the OIPRINT_EQUATES for the Duplex values.
FILLSTYLEThe FILLSTYLE message returns information about the current fill style settings.
FONTThe FONT message returns information about the current font used to print text.
FONTHEADFOOTThe FONTHEADFOOT message returns information about the font used to print headers and footers.
FOOTERThe FOOTER message returns information about the page footer.
HDCThe HDC message returns the handle for the current printer. This handle can be used to print output to the current printer outside of the OIPI.
HEADERThe HEADER message returns the information about the page header.
INDENTThe INDENT message returns information about the current indent.
INITThe INIT message returns information set in the INIT Set_Printer message.
LINESTYLEThe LINESTYLE message returns information about the current line style settings.
MARGINThe MARGIN message returns the margin settings.
ORIENTATIONThe ORIENTATION message returns the orientation of the current printer.
PAGEThe PAGE message returns the current page number.
PAGESIZEThe PAGESIZE message returns the width and height of the page.
PAGESIZESThe PAGESIZES message returns the available page sizes for the current printer.
PAPERBINThe PAPERBIN message returns the current Paper Bin. See the OIPRINT_EQUATES for the Paper Bin values.
PAPERBINSThe PAPERBINS message returns all of the available Paper Bins. See the OIPRINT_EQUATES for the Paper Bin values.
PORTSThe PORTS message returns the available ports for the current printer.
POSThe POS message returns the current X and Y positions of the page.
PREVIEWMODEThe PREVIEWMODE message returns the Preview Mode setting.
PRINTERINFOThe PRINTERINFO message returns information about the default printer. This information is retrieved with the WinAPI function GetDeviceCaps. See a WinAPI reference manual for more details on the return information from the PRINTERINFO message.
PRINTQUALITYThe PRINTQUALITY message returns the Print Quality setting of the printer.
SERIALThe SERIAL message returns the OpenInsight Printer Interface serial number as a string.
SUPPORTCOPIESIf the current printer supports printing multiple Copies, then the SUPPORTCOPIES message will return 1 otherwise, it will return -17.
TRUETYPEThe TRUETYPE message returns the True Type setting of the printer.
VERSIONThe VERSION message returns the current OpenInsight Printer Interface version number as a string.