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Srch_strngMust end with a field mark.

The basic unit of srch_strng is a search column. If you want to search by more than one criterion, include additional search columns in srch_strng. Each search column is delimited from another by a field mark (@FM), and multiple search columns imply an And relation (conditions must be satisfied for all search columns before any key is returned). The And relation may be overridden for individual search values by prefixing each with a semicolon (;).

Searchcolumn structure Syntax

searchcolumn = IndexedColumn:@VM:data1 [:@VM:data2 ...]:@FM

Made up from the name of an indexed column and the search values to be located within that column.

A Btree index must have been applied to the specified row column, or an error is generated. Within the search column, search values are delimited from the indexed column name and each other by a value mark (@VM). Within the search column, search values are located based on an Or relation: a row key is returned when any of the values is found within the specified column.

The implied Or relation for the @VM-delimited search values may be forced to an And relation by prefixing any desired search value with an ampersand (&). This situation presumes a multi-valued column, because every And relation means that two values must be found before a hit is registered.

TablePass the name of the table to be searched.
DictvarPass the file handle for the dictionary of the specified table.
KeysReturns row keys for all rows that satisfy the criteria in srch_strng. Multiple keys are delimited with value marks.

Three values for option are possible:

NullAll messages will display
EAll error messages will be suppressed.
SAll informational messages will be suppressed.


Error codes are returned in flag. After execution, keys contains a list of keys matching the search criteria. flag returns one of several possible values, depending on the success of the search process.

0The search was successful. All possible keys were returned in keys.
-1The search failed, for reasons other than no keys found. This occurs, for example, when a specified column does not have a Btree index.