A label pane's labels.


Set_Property(OLECtrlEntID, "OLE.Labels[Caption]", Array)


Array is a multivalued dynamic array with the following structure:

<0, 1>LabelTextThe label
<0, 2>DescriptionTextThe label's optional description


CaptionCaption of an existing label pane


The Labels property defines the labels for a specified pane. Label panes are created using the Panes property. To target a specific pane, you must pass an existing pane's caption as the index to this property.

You must in the very least provide an @FM delimited array of labels, but you may also choose to include descriptions in each field. Doing so will show a description in the pane, but the description will never appear in the sketch itself.


// Add labels to a pane called Codes. These codes indicate pest control findings.
Codes = ""
Codes<-1> = "1A":@VM:"Termites"
Codes<-1> = "2A":@VM:"Ants"
Codes<-1> = "3A":@VM:"Carpenter Ants"
Codes<-1> = "4A":@VM:"Spiders"
Codes<-1> = "5A":@VM:"Wasps"
Codes<-1> = "6A":@VM:"Bees"
Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_SKETCH", "OLE.Labels[Codes]", Codes)

// Add labels to a pane called Labels with no descriptions
Labels = ""
Labels<-1> = "Attic"
Labels<-1> = "Back Yard"
Labels<-1> = "Basement"
Labels<-1> = "Bedroom"
Labels<-1> = "Dining Room"
Labels<-1> = "Family Room"
Labels<-1> = "Front Yard"
Labels<-1> = "Garage"
Labels<-1> = "Kitchen"
Labels<-1> = "Living Room"
Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_SKETCH", "OLE.Labels[Labels]", Labels)

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