* mtr 9-11-2001
* Provided per user request

Sort mode selected is not correct.  Column %1% already has relational index with %2% mode.  Please apply this mode for creating c


%1% already has a relational index established   from table %2%.  The Relational index cannot be set again from table %3%.


Compressing %1%...


%1% has been selected, but cannot be found in %2%.


The dBASEIII file %1% already exists.  Do you want to overwrite it?


The dBASEIII memo file %1% already exists.  Do you want to overwrite it?


Cannot find the %1% command in the LIST.SUB subroutines.

B108Enter number.
B109Enter text without quotes.
B110Port Call:
B111An invalid option was used in the "PORT" command.
B112The code %2% is not valid in "%1%".
B113The %1% option is not currently implemented.
B114Not available.
B115The column must not be a symbolic, group, or key column, or have a relational index on it.
B116You must first select a column.
B117Enter a table name followed by a slash (/) and a column name.
B118Warning!   All index information   will be deleted from %1%.    Do you want to continue?
B119Clearing indexing information in %1%...
B120Deleting Cross Reference information from %1%...
B121The character column %1% is longer than the 254 character limit. Use a memo field for this column.
B123Finding indexed tables...
B124Collecting indexing information...
B125Enter a new table name for the save list statement. Press [Esc] to cancel the process.
B126%1% is a new row.
B127%1% is an invalid row.
B128Hours cannot exceed 12.
B129Text cut into buffer %1%.
B130"%1%" was not found.
B131The default macro set %1% cannot be found.
B132The header for group 1 has been corrupted.   No framesize or modulo information can be read.    Do you want to fix group 1?
B133Cannot determine the framesize of this table.   Please enter your best estimate for the framesize in bytes.
B134Framesize must divide evenly into the filesize (%1%).
B135The FRAMESIZE must be between 256 and 10000.
B136The FRAMESIZE parameter must be numeric.
B137Enter a group or group range to fix. Formats are: x, x-y, ALL. Press [Esc] to cancel the process.
B138Response = %1%
B139Fixing groups %1% through %2%...
B140Rebuilding the primary % figure...
B141Copying all good rows found from a temporary table back into re-initialized groups...
B142Another station is fixing. Please try again later.
B143The overflow freelist has been cleared. You can issue a compress to recover and re-order the overflow frames.
B144Compress file.   There must be no other user of this file.   After compression, this file should be   re-attached at all other s
B145An error occurred during the compress operation. The operation has been canceled.
B146The drive %1% does not contain Advanced Revelation files.
B147The program OCONV.RUN is not available in the SYSOBJ table.
B148Enter the names of the programs to display.
B149The %1% table was not found.    Do you want to list all indexed tables?
B150The %1% table is not indexed.    Do you want to list all indexed tables?
B151You have defined an index. Do you want to turn it on?
B152*CAUTION* You have asked to delete rows from SYSCOLUMNS. These rows will also be deleted from your dictionaries. Do you want to c
B153The %1% column   in the %2% table   is not available.    Do you want to list all indexed columns?
B154Will "%1%" be a key prompt?
B155Finding the %1% column in the dictionary...
B156%1% cannot be found. It must exist in %2%.
B157%1% is currently a Data Column at position %3%    Do you want to convert it to a Symbolic column?
B158No formula has been saved.
B159The formula was not changed.
B160Collector windows do not use dictionary formulas.
B161The object code for %2% cannot be found in the %1% table. %2% is also not cataloged. Please enter the name of the table containin
B162The window %1% cannot be found.
B163Updating the dictionary...
B164%1% did not bind correctly.
B165No index values were found.
B166Cannot find the row %1% in the %2% table.
B167Collecting information about indexes...
B168Key capture functions have been disabled.
B169This is an invalid key.
B170Macro execution has been disabled.
B171Window %1% is about   to be deleted from %2%.    Do you want to continue?
B173No columns are indexed in %1%.
B174Sorting is not allowed within a protected group.
B175Sorting is not allowed before row %1%.
B176Enter the number of rows to select or leave this blank to select all rows.
B177Enter heading text for this column.
B178Enter an output format code.  (example: "D2/" for a date format of mm/dd/yy)
B179Enter a heading.
B180Enter a footing.
B181QBEC1, HORMV.OUT sync error?
B182QBEC1, HORMV.SCB out of sync?
B184Building query...
B185Updating %1% in the %2% table...
B186No key prompt was specified. The default key prompt will be %1%.
B187You must create at least one prompt before you can save this window.  The save operation has been canceled.
B188The window %1% was not locked. No changes will be saved.
B189Join prompt %1% cannot be found.
B190Do you want to execute the filter?
B191%1%, needed for index transactions is not available. Indexes depending on this table will probably need rebuilding.
B192The Lotus file %1% already exists.    Do you want to overwrite it?
B193Enter a variable name.
B194Editing must be complete to continue.
B195There is nothing to pan.
B196This label is as large as you can make it in the current window.
B197You have reached the edge of window space. You may want to try resizing your window using [Ctrl-F7].
B198The dictionary of %1% is in use. No changes will be saved.
B199The dictionary is in use elsewhere. The binding cannot be changed.
B200You have maximized this prompt entry in the current window. You may want to try resizing your window using [Ctrl-F7].
B201Reading window...
B202%1% has %2% installed.    Do you want to remove %2%?
B203Removing the %1% modifying filing system from %2%...
B204Waiting until the source record %1% can be locked...
B205%1% is locked.
B206No R/LIST program was generated. An invalid expression or column  has been detected in line %1%.
B207%1% is not a valid dBASEIII file.
B208Do you want to perform the conversion?
B209That is an invalid color name.
B210If no record delimiter is specified, a record length must be specified.
B211The operating system file %1% already exists.    Do you want to overwrite it?
B212The HELP file is not available.   No help message will be saved.    Do you want to continue?
B214There are no columns defined in the dictionary of %1%.
B215You must add a table to the window before you can use Quick Paint.
B216There are no tables in this window.
B220The mode %1% is invalid.
B221The selected objects have been copied to the Paint clipboard.
B222Function key? %1%
B223You must be in Roam mode to Insert or Delete rows.
B224The record already exists in the VOC.    Do you want to overwrite it?
B225Resizing is not supported in Table mode.
B226You may not pan while in Table mode.
B227The Window is fully displayed.
B228There is no transaction file for this Batch Update.
B229This label is at maximum length for the current window. You may want to try resizing your window using [Ctrl-F7].
B230A starting byte and a length are required.
B231Lock information has been updated in the templates in the %1% file.
B232No related windows are available.
B233Macro building has been disabled.
B234Searching Indexes...  Press [Esc] to cancel the search.
B234Searching Cross References...  Press [Esc] to cancel the search.
B235Waiting for index %1% to be available...
B236Error in compiling "%1%"
B237No [F2] Help for %1% type commands is available.
B238Collector windows do not have dictionaries.
B239Updating prompt %1%...
B240Updating the %1% field...
B241%1% is invalid.
B242Enter the table name to move to.
B243Selecting referenced programs...
B244%1% is not a valid table type. Press [F2] for table type options.
B245The %1% key is not active %2% Press [Ctrl-F9] for a list of the currently active keys.
B246The clipboard has been cleared.
B247Pasting is only allowed while Roaming.
B248Reading dictionary...
B249The dictionary is not bound to %1%. Use the Prompt Window to verify the prompt.
B250Table Information for %1%:   Volume      = %2%  OS Path     = %3%  File Type   = %4%  File Number = %5%
B251The %1% table belongs to the %2% volume. You may only change indexing in tables under the same volume.
B252Do you want to save?
B254No block of text has been defined.
B255The menu options key is disabled.
B256An invalid attribute was passed to ATTR.TO.ESC. Attribute = "%1%" (hex).
B257Cannot access color definitions correctly.
B258The escape sequence "%1%" (hex) is invalid in ESC.TO.ATTR.
B259The %1% table belongs to the %2% application. You may only change indexing in tables in the same application.
B260%1% is not a valid volume name or an existing subdirectory.
B261Table name  = %1%    OS name     = %8%    Volume      = %2%    Application = %3%    File Type   = %4%                  %5%
B262%1% is indexed and cannot be renamed.
B263%1% in the %2% table is not a valid dictionary type for indexing. Only the dictionary types "F" and "S" may be indexed.
B264%1% already exists in the %3% application on the %2% volume.
B265The clipboard is empty.
B266%1% is not a Linear Hash table. You must convert your table before attempting to use it with PAINT.
B267The maximum length of the Quickdex index (65,530 characters) has been reached -- no more records will be added to the Quickdex in
B268The "BY" clause is invalid. You cannot sort by %1%.
B269The disk the drive is  NOT a valid LAN Pack disk.  Please insert a valid LAN Pack disk.
B269AFatal Bump error. Improper Bump information.
B272There is no disk in drive %1%. Insert a disk and then try agian.
B273To install a LAN Pack, you must log in as the "LANPACK" user.
B274This installation currently supports  %1% user(s).  Would you like to enable more users?
B275Insert a NEW Lanpack into Drive.  Choose drive (A or B) or Cancel
B276If you change the location of your application without moving the DOS files, you will NOT be able to open the application.
B279Cannot find the %1% driver in the SYSNETWORKS table.
B280The REVBOOT file is too large.
B282The original REVBOOT file has been renamed REVBOOT.OLD.  The new network driver will be available the next time you log onto Adva
B284Logging off.
B285No rows found.
B286%1% is not a valid index name.
B287Warning!   The index update process must not be interrupted   or indexes will be corrupted.    Do you still want to update ALL i
B288There are invalid character(s) in the table name %1%.  Use only alphanumeric characters and the special characters underscore "_"
B289The dictionary of %1% is not available.
B291The key list has exceeded the maximum allowed length. The list will be truncated.
B292The list accumulated in %1%   has been truncated to the 64K bytes limit.    Please use the R/LIST command to   retrieve correct
B293The Btree index for the indexed column %1% in the table %2% has not been created.  Please initialize the index for this column an
B294The list returned from BTREE.EXTRACT has been truncated to the 64K limit.  To retrieve more rows from the %1% table use the SELEC
B295The list %1% cannot be found in the LISTS table.
B296Do you want to cancel this process?
B297The correct form for the TRANSACTION command is:      TRANSACTION operator (option)   where:      operator = COMMIT, ROLLBACK, S
B300These table(s) are not found in this volume:
B301Table(s) not available:
B303No candidate tables found.
B304Domain and validation controls have been added to %1% tables.
B305Control features have been removed from %1% tables.
B306Locating tables...
B307No tables were affected. The "S" option is not active if no volume is specified.
B308The "%1%" volume is not available.
B311The "%1%" table does not have control features active. Press [Esc] to cancel the process or press any other key to continue.
B312The "%1%" table already has Control features active.  Press [Esc] to cancel the process or press any other key to continue.
B313The "%2%" volume does not exist.
B314"%1%" is not a data table, and cannot have control features added.  Press [Esc] to cancel the process or press any other key to c
B315The "%1%" table is not available. It must be attached before Control features can be added.  Press [Esc] to cancel the process or
B316The "%1%" table does not exist on the "%2%" volume.  Press [Esc] to cancel the process or press any other key to continue.
B317An error has occurred while writing to the volume directory for the "%2%" volume.  Press [Esc] to cancel the process or press any
B318The "%1%" table is not on the "%2%" volume.  Press [Esc] to cancel the process or press any other key to continue.
B319Unable to save "%1%" in the "%2%" table.
B320Subroutine: %1%|Branch value must be numeric!
B321Subroutine: %1%|Value of %2% exceeds highest ON...GOSUB branch.
B322The table: %1% is excluded from all EasyWriter and QBE|queries.  Therefore, you may not set up additional|dictionary level contro
B323Link list in the table "%1%" is broken.   Transactions cannot be properly flushed.    To correct this problem,  please rebuild a
B324The table: %1% has no dictionary attached or created.|Therefore, you may not set up additional|dictionary level control on the ta
B325Dictionary tables cannot be further qualified for EasyWriter queries.
B326Error writing to DOS file "%1%"
B327Default configuration record "%1%" is missing from the %2% table.
B328Error opening or reading from .INI file "%1%"
B329%1% is an invalid Advanced Revelation .INI file.
B330The file or path "%1%" does not contain .INI files.
B331Other .INI files only accessable from the SYSPROG account.
B332No INI-file has been found. "%1%" has been created as the default INI-file.
B333Finishing processing selections. Please wait.
B400Initializing the index control information...
B401Null I/O Error
B402Error compiling %1%.   Use the dictionary window to correct the formula.
B403Error while copying row "%1%" to the "%2%" table.
B404Building the "%1%" index for the "%2%" table...
B440Another workstation is currently accessing table "%2%" and   has row "%1%" locked.   The index update you have requested will pr
B441Records can not be updated because the table "%1%" is not   available or attached for reference to store index transactions.   P
B500The "%1%" table has been dropped.
B501The wait-for-lock process has been interrupted.   Lock information:      Lock Type: "%1%"     Table    : "%2%"     Row      : "%
B502Transaction Control is OFF.
B503You must log in as the user "SYSPROG" to perform this function.
B504Do you want to remove the user   "%1%"   from the commit queue "%2%" ?
B505Do you want to remove the user   "%1%"   from ALL commit queues?
B506Do you want to clear the entire Commit Log?
B507Warning! Invoking Auto-Transaction Start causes all changes to be held until they are explicitly committed.  Unless committed, ch
B508A pending transaction exists for this station.  Do you want to Commit or Rollback before logoff?
B509A pending transaction exists for this station.  Do you want to Commit, Rollback, or Ignore the transaction?
B510Invalid response. Entry must be  "C", "R", or "I".
B511Invalid response. The entry must be a "C" or "R".
B512This function can only be used when Commit Protection is "ON".  Commit protection causes commit queues to be maintained.  A lock
B513The "COMMITLOG" file has been locked. Transactions cannot be committed while this utility is being run.
B514This volume does not contain any tables of the Revelation G type.
B515Row "%1%" was found in the "VOC", but is not a valid volume name.
B516"%1%" is mapped to drive "%2%".
B517"%1%" is not a volume.   This process assumes that it is a path name.    Is this correct?
B518The volume name that corresponds to the path   "%1%"   is   "%2%"    Is this correct?
B519The target must a be valid volume. Building "%TEMP.VOL.CONVERT%" using the path "%1%".
B520The volume directory on path "%1%" is not available.
B521Another workstation is currently updating indexes   on table "%2%" with control column "%1%" locked.   The index update you have
B522"%1%" is not a valid column name.
B523Help level can only be set from Level 1 of TCL.
B524All other users should reattach this table in order for indexing to remain up-to-date.
B525Error %1% in VSPACE.
B526The View window cannot be displayed. The operating system file required for the window is not available or cannot be created.
B527Your DOS path for temporary files is invalid. Please check your environment setting.
B528I/O error during join process.
B529An error was encountered while joining columns. No changes will be saved.
B530A Merge name is required.
B531The printer configuration for "%1%" cannot be found in "%2%".
B532The flag definition record "%1%" cannot be found.
B533Cannot find "%1%".
B534The "%C37%FIELDS%C37%" row in the the dictionary of "%1%" is not available.
B535Reprocessing row "%1%" from the "%2%" table %3% ...
B536Cannot find "%1%" in "%2%".
B537Merging row "%1%" from the "%2%" table to the output table %3% ...
B538The key list contains imbalanced single or double quote marks.
B539No output table was specified in the template.
B540Widow/Orphan override.
B541MERGE.SUB was passed a dispatch value out of range %1%.
B542Collecting column information...
B543%1% Enter a value.
B544Do you want to delete "%1%"?
B545The Merge sample is active only while editing the Merge script.
B546Do you want to view the previous sample?
B547The row "%1%" is not available in the "%2%" table to do a Merge sample.
B548Do you want to abandon the sample?
B549Selecting a random row.
B551"%1%" error(s) detected.
B552No errors have been detected.
B553This field is protected.  Press [F2] to edit the Script.
B554Enter the name of the operating system text file to import.
B555The table can be accessed successfully.
B556"%1%" is not a legal operating system filename.
B557Access to this file has been denied by the operating system.
B558"%1%" does not exist.
B559"%1%" is not available or cannot be found.
B560Convert high ASCII characters   (higher than character 127)?
B561The format flag template contains an invalid key flag (%1%-%2%).
B562The text file is too long. The file will be truncated to fit into the Merge template.
B563Wrap long lines?
B564The key flag "%1%" in the options list is a valid flag.
B565"%1%" is not a valid format code. Press [F2] for a list of valid formats.
B566The format code %1% is invalid.
B567The "%1%" table does not exist.    Do you want to create it?
B568The Merge script is empty.
B569The Merge header has not been specified.
B570The Merge footer has not been specified.
B571Printer format specifications must be entered as up to 3 decimal numbers separated by spaces.  (example: 27 72 105)
B572Selecting rows...
B573Enter the name of the filter row.
B574The "REPORTS" table is not available.  Press [Enter] to return to the Query window.
B575The filter "%1%" has been saved.
B576Do you want to save your   custom changes in a Filter?
B577The "%1%" prompt contains unbalanced quotation marks.
B578Converting the R/DESIGN row "%1%".
B579"%1%" This row already exists in "%2%". The row was not converted.
B580"%1%" This record was converted and saved in "%2%".
B581%1% Possible incompatibility. This prompt has a symbolic reference in %2%. The code has been placed in %3%.
B582The symbolic uses RDESIGN.COMMON. This is incompatible with window templates.
B583The symbolic defines COMMON variables. This may be incompatible with Window templates.
B584"%1%" This prompt has a subroutine reference in Description. The code has been placed in the Options prompt. This may be incompat
B585The subroutine "%1%" uses RDESIGN.COMMON. This is incompatible with window templates.
B586The subroutine "%1%" defines common. This may be incompatible with Window templates.
B587The program "%1%" cannot not be found. The process is unable to check for incompatibility.
B588The program table is not available. Unable to check for incompatibility.
B589"%1%" This row is not an "ENTRY" type. It cannot be converted by this program.
B590The "VOC" entry was not a catalog pointer. The process is unable to check for incompatibility.
B591"%1%" The "VOC" entry is not available. Unable to check for incompatibility.
B592"%1%" This row cannot be found in the "%2%" table.
B593"%1%" The cross reference login was not converted.
B594"%1%" The table accessed by this template is not available. The prompts for symbolic columns cannot be verified.
B595The change prompt has a value in "PARAMETER 1". Linked screen conversion is not completed yet. PARAMETER 1 = "%1%"
B596Prompt number %1% (R/DESIGN window number %2%) is more than one column wide. It has been truncated to one column.
B597%1% This prompt has a non-numeric value in Parameter 1. No action has been taken.
B598"%1%" This prompt has a value in the "DESCRIPTION" field that cannot be converted.
B599Mode %1% is an invalid reduction mode.
B600The first (meta) pass for "WITH" has failed.
B601WITH meta compilation failed.
B602This option/process is not supported.
B603The cursor value %1% is out of range.
B604The cursor "%1%" is invalid.
B605The template has not been saved. There is no Table or Collector information.
B606Position information must be numeric.
B607The mode %1% is invalid for LIST.ACTIVE.
B608Error during Readnext operation while seeking.
B609Waiting for an index lock...  If you cancel this process, the table will not be deleted.
B610BFS name cannot be read for DICT %1%
B611The [Alt-V] key is functional only when using R/LIST commands.
B615The active select list is unresolved.    Do you want to continue?
B616The active select list is unresolved   with reduction pending.  Do you want to continue?
B617The active select list is unresolved.   The "%1%" table contains %2% rows.    Do you want to continue?
B618The active SELECT list is unresolved.   The "%1%" table contains %2% rows.    Do you want to continue?
B619Seek to the top of table has failed.    Do you want to continue the Savelist   from the current position?
B620%B%No Cross Reference or Btree index has been established for the "%1%" table.
B621"%1%" is not a valid key in the "%2%" table.
B622Preparing "%1%" listing...
B623No rows have been selected.
B624The record "@CRT" in the dictionary of "%1%" contains an invalid column. "%2%" does not exist.
B625VSPACE status error %1%.
B626"%1%" is not available for the View window. Cancelling the process.
B627STATUS() error = "%1%" "%2%"
B628Cannot move to the top of the table.    Do you want to continue the report   from the current position?
B629Enter page number to display.
B630Do you want to print this report?
B631The "REPORTS" table is not available.
B632The row "%1%" cannot be found in the "REPORTS" table.
B633Moving "%1%" menus is not allowed.
B634This menu is too large to display. The process has been cancelled.
B635The [Alt-P] key is functional only when using R/LIST commands.
B636SELECT.INDEX failed during REDUCE operation.
B700The ASCII %1% character is reserved for system use and cannot be used in prompts or labels.
B701The index search type specified for "%1%" is invalid.
B702The index "%1%" must be rebuilt.
B703Warning! The index "%1%" must be rebuilt. (The primary data and index control information has not been corrupted.)
B704Restricted access.
B705The correct form for the "BUILD.TABLE" command is:     BUILD.TABLE template.file.name template.name
B706Working on template "%1%" in the "%2%" table...
B707The "%1%" template is encrypted. Unable to build a table row.
B708No help is available for "%1%".
B709Row is locked.  Retrying...
B710Do you want to change the message?
B711Waiting for "%1%" transaction lock in "%2%"...  Warning! If you cancel this process, you will have to rebuild this index.
B712The "%1%" option is not available in FILE.CVT.
B713Working on "%1%"...
B714The popup has reached the maximum size allowed for your memory configuration.
B800Waiting to lock the "%1%" table...  Press [Esc] to cancel the process.
B801%1% row(s) have been selected. %2% logical error(s) were detected.
B802%1% row(s) have been selected. %2% error(s) were detected.
B805This statement contains unbalanced quotes.
B810"%1%" is an invalid active language set. The active language set must be in the list of loaded sets or must be "DEFAULT".
B811"%1%" is an invalid language set. Press [F2] for a list of valid choices.
B812"%1%" already exists in the load list.
B813"%1%" is an invalid output conversion pattern for the TIMEDATE() function. The pattern must be a valid "DT" (Date-Time) conversion
B815Case sensitive character sort order in record "%1%" is invalid. It must be 256 bytes in length exactly.
B816Case insensitive character sort order in record "%1%" is invalid. It must be 256 bytes in length exactly.
B817The language set control row "%1%" is not in the load list and is not "DEFAULT".
B818The language set control row "%1%" was not found in the SYSENV table.
B820No fonts or styles defined for this printer.
B821No printers have been defined in the environment.
B822Cannot initialize printer %1%
B823%1% is not a valid color.
B824%1% rows converted.
B825The spooling file %1% already exists.|Do you wish to overwrite the file?
B826Operation cancelled.
B827WARNING! If you cancel the print job, the spool file will be erased, and you must rerun any reports that you want printed.  Do yo
B828A print process is open for this station and a close process has been defined for this printer.  Do you wish to execute the Close
B829You have selected the postcript printer driver and any  printed output will be spooled to a temporary file.   To send any pendin
B830The value you have entered does not meet validation criteria.  You can enter strings of characters to send to the printer in any
B834There is no ROSMEDIA.MAP file on "%1%".
B835"%1%" is in the "VOC"   but it is not a volume pointer.
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