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Connects and communicates with remote TCP/IP sockets.


Result = SRP_TcpClient(Service, Object, Param1, Param2)


The meaning of the return value depends on the service.


ServiceThe action to be performed against a remote socket. Required.
ObjectThe TcpClient object against which the service will perform. Required.
Param1-NThe service parameters. Optional. See Remarks for details.


The SRP_TcpClient connects to remote sockets and passes data to them. It currently does not support the ability to receive data since that would require an event mechanize unsupported in a stored procedure context. Such abilities might be added in the future to an ActiveX version of TcpClient, so that receiving data can be done using events.


The SRP_TcpClient provides the following services:

CONNECTConnects to a remote listening socket.
CLOSECloses a connection.
SENDSends data through the connection.
CLOSE_SESCloses a connection to the SRP Engine Service.
SEND_SESSends data through the connection to the SRP Engine Service.

Click on the service names above to read more details. Continue below for an explanation of the Key parameter.


The object parameter is a handle to a connection. The CONNECT creates the handle and all other services use it for communication.


The remaining parameters are unique to each service. Click on the service above to get details on the expected parameters.

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