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If an unexpected error occurred with a request, the HTTP_MCP controller will be called again with the ProcErr argument populated. The nature of the error (usually a runtime error) will be contained in the ProcErr argument. This routine is a template for generating a response so the caller will receive a well formatted reply.


Code Block
Response = HTTP_ProcErrAborted_ServicesService(ProcErr)





The procedural error data being passed in from the OEngineServer. Unless otherwise changed, the only reason this should be called is if there was a runtime error in one of the stored procedures that was called by the initial request.


HTTP_ProcErr_Services is not like other HTTP services because it is not designed to process a Remaining URL. Therefore, there is no HTTP_SERVICE_SETUP insert nor is there the normal HTTP method checksAborted_Service handles aborted HTTP Requests either due to Runtime Errors or Status Errors. If the Debugger Intercept has been enabled, this handler will only receive Status Error aborts.