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OECGI4.php Love

Perhaps you don't know this, but Revelation Software provides two plug-ins for HTTP connectivity. The original and most likely used is OECGI4.exe (or OECGI3.exe for older systems). This is obviously designed for Windows web servers. The other version is OECGI4.php (and there is also an OECGI3.php). This version would be the plug-in of choice for non-Windows (usually Linux) based web servers. We installed the PHP version several years ago on a few sites and experienced no issues with it. However, a customer recently brought to our attention that their HTTP responses were coming back with the headers appearing with the body. Not good! Upon review and with some insight from the ever helpful Bryan Shumsky, we discovered that the PHP plug-in expects the response headers to be separated from the body with LF as the delimiter. The HTTP Framework has been using CR/LF as the delimiter all this time. There is a reason we use CR/LF delimiters...because this is what the HTTP specification requires. What we didn't know was that the PHP plug-in parses our response (expecting LF delimiters) and then builds a property response using PHP functions. Since we were using CR/LF delimiters, the parsing logic failed and kept the header and the body together. This isn't an issue for OECGI4.exe because it basically passes through the response "as is". Did you get all that? TL;DR: The HTTP Framework now checks to see if the EXE or PHP plug-in is being used and sends back the response using the correct delimiters.


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