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Sets the indicated Query field with the indicated value. This can then be retrieved with a GetQueryField service call so that server processing can operate accordingly.


Code Block
Response = HTTP_Services('SetQueryField', Field, Value)


FieldQuery field to set. Required.
ValueValue for the Query field. This will be Trimmed to enforce proper formatting. Required.


The RunHTTPService service is the official way to call specific web service APIs. The HTTPService argument should contain the same name found in the URL segment that corresponds with the API resource. For instance, for the /customers URL, the HTTPService argument should contain the value of customers. This will call the HTTP_CUSTOMERS_SERVICES BASIC+ routine.

The RemainingURL argument will contain the value of the remaining portion of the URL that follows the current URL segment. Examples of managing this are found in the HTTP_Entry_Point_Services routineQuery Fields are what appears at the end of a URL which are in this format:


Hence, an example of a full URL with a Query Field would look like this:

Query Fields are often used by an API to filter content. The SetQueryField service provides a similar functionality as the Inet_QueryParam function, although the latter is only useful with the RUN_OECGI_REQUEST dispatch routine.