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  1. On the web server copy OECGI4.exe into a separate directory to be used as a CGI directory such as C:\revsoft\oecgiapi
  2. Update your ISAPI and CGI Restrictions settings to ensure OECGI4.exe is allowed to execute from the directory C:\revsoft\oecgiapi.
  3. In the website root directory create a virtual directory named oecgiapi pointing to a local directory c:\revsoft\oecgiapi. OECGI should be accessible using the url url

    IMPORTANT: The  The name of the local directory is irrelevant to the rewrite rules but it is very important the virtual directory name should is not be the same name as the virtual directory API endpoint name. If your virtual directory name and API endpoint name are the same IIS will skip the IIS rewrite rules will require additional configuration to prevent IIS from ignoring the rewrite rules. This is outside the scope of the basic configuration guide contained below. This guide assumes the API URL will be /api and that this does not exist as a virtual or phyiscal directory because the rewrite rules will rewrite the non-existant /api path to /oecgiapi which does exist.

  4. Create the following URL Rewrite rules in the root site directory: