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  • Changes to the HTTP_Services module:
    • Update the SetResponseError service to correct a typo. It was calling the SetErrorResponse service.
    • Update the GetResponseHeaderFields service to check the HTTPScriptName value and use LF$ instead of CRLF$ as the delimiter when OECGI is not the .EXE version.
  • Changes to the NDW_HTTP_Framework_Setup_Events commuter:
    • Fix minor typo in DisplayInfoHelp gosub.
  • Changes to the APIRoot_API module:
    • Fix a minor typo in the APIROOT.GET API.


  • Changes to the HTTP_Services module:
    • Update the SetResponseHeaderField service so the Append flag creates multiple Set-Cookie headers rather than folding them.
    • Add SetCookie service to make it easier to build a Set-Cookie response header.
  • Changes to the HTTPClient_Services module:
    • Fix a bug in the SendHTTPRequest service so that request headers are properly parsed. All colons were erroneously being converted to @VM instead of the first colon (which separated the header name from the header value).
    • Update the SetResponseHeaderField service to better support Set-Cookie headers.Allow multiple cookie names to be stored but only store the value of the last cookie name if it is duplicated.

    • Update the GetResponseHeaderField by adding a Delimiter argument so the caller can specify an alternative delimiter for the values being returned.

    • Add GetCookies service to make it easier to view all cookies returned in the response.

    • Add GetCookie service to make it easier to see the entire cookie string of a specified cookie.

    • Update the GetCookie service to include an IgnoreAttributes argument. If this is True$, then only the cookie name and value will be returned.