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textAny string of characters, including alpha, numeric, and punctuation except double and single quotes.
 "@" in the first position of each line of text will center the heading on the page.
optionsOptions can be embedded into the heading text to include page numbers, date, time, and more. Options consists of one or two characters within single quotes. The options available are:
 Quote. Use two single quotation marks to embed a single quote into the text of the footing.
'B'Break. Inserts the value of a breaking column into the heading. It must be the first of the footing options given (after any text) and it must be used in conjunction with the Break-On 'B' option.
'D'Date. Inserts the current date (refer to the next section for formatting output).
'F'TableName. Inserts the name of the table that is being listed. (filename)
'L'New Line. Specifies a line feed.
'LL'Blank Line. Inserts a blank line (i.e., two line feeds).
'N'Nopage. Suppresses automatic paging.
'P'Page. Inserts the current page number.
'PP'Page Justify. Right justifies the current page number in a column of four spaces.
'Sn'Spaces. Embeds n number of spaces into the footing.
'T'Time. Inserts the current time (refer to Time and Date Output formatting, below).
'TD'TimeDate. Inserts current time and date (refer to Time and Date Output formatting, below).
'{column}'Insert the current value of the column.



Code Block
* A Heading
Heading "Invoices sorted by date'L'Page 'PP'"
* Center the heading
Heading "@Invoices sorted by date 'L' Page 'PP'"
* Using the heading in a Run_Report statement
Declare Subroutine Run_Report
stmt: = 'Heading "@Customer Info '
stmt: = " 'L' Page 'PP'"
stmt: = '"'