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09/23/13: SRP Application Launcher

09/11/13: SRP Utilities

  • Added SRP_Trim method for advanced string trimming.

07/22/13: SRP FrameWorks

06/25/13: SRP Editor

  • Updated SRP Editor to use new SRPUtil.ocx: a copy of SRPControls.ocx with different ProgIDs so that it doesn't conflict with commercial SRP ActiveX Controls
  • See version history for all improvements

06/25/13: All SRP ActiveX Controls

06/25/13: SRP Button

  • Fixed bug where rare crash would occur when using context menus along with SRP Button controls as Cancel buttons

06/25/13: SRP EditTable

  • Fixed bug where scrollbar would sometimes appear when it wasn't supposed to
  • Fixed bug where in very rare conditions, the List or Array properties would truncate the data
  • Fixed bug where users couldn't always scroll to last column or row

06/25/13: SRP ReportTable

06/25/13: SRP Subclass

  • Fixed bug where custom borders would always appear hot in XP
  • Fixed bug where custom borders would not work correctly without a dropdown button

06/25/13: SRP Tree

  • Updated HTML rendering to support <br> tag
  • Fixed bug where adding items would cause a crash if keys were repeated at deeper child levels
  • Fixed bug where tree would crash when enabling HTML




  • Do you have an aging barcode system and need an upgrade solution or maybe you want to see a new example of how to use the SRP DirectConnect control? If so, check out our most recent blog post.


  • Happy New Year! To start of this new year we would like to give a quick reminder about the potentially unwanted or unexpected behavior of End_Window and End_Dialog. For additional details check out our new blog post.


  • Got the debugger blues? Maybe you need to redesign the format of your OpenInsight Debugger. Check out our new blog post on how to do it.


  • Are you still finding yourself double-clicking 3 times just to launch the SRP Editor? Then you need to follow the steps in our new blog post to make it a bona-fide citizen on the OpenInsight side tool bar.


  • What happens when OEServer services are failing and nothing has changed with the OI application? Read this week's blog post to find out.


  • Why would a tried and true MFS routine just stop working? If you have used MFS routines based on documented shells then you might want to read our latest blog article that uncovers a fatal flaw in their design.


  • Does OpenInsight just appear to not display your form, message box, or popup for no explicable reason? Read our latest blog article to learn how we resolved one of these mysteries.


  • OpenInsight 10 will introduce translucency and animation for forms. Read our next blog post to get our take on these new features...and find out what SRP has done enable older versions of OpenInsight 9 to have similar results.


  • 1 + 1 equals 2, unless you are using a computer. Then it be something else. Read our next blog post on how OpenInsight and SRP have dealt with the problems of floating point arithmetic.


  • Our latest blog post covers a review of the new command line switches that will be introduced with OpenInsight 10 as well as an announcement of a minor enhancement to our SRP Application Launcher tool.


  • We are continuing our blog series on how SRP controls and utilities help bring the OpenInsight 10 improvements to older versions of OpenInsight. Click here to read about our own advanced support for images. We also discuss special features of the SRP Picture control you may not be aware of.


  • SRP Utilities 1.4.5 now available for download. (See Recent Product Releases)



  • New post at The SRP Update: If you use the RDK to deploy products to different version of OpenInsight you will want to read this latest blog post.


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